The Book

As a kid, I had a favorite little fat cardboard book about a bunny who was getting ready for bed.  I had a small wooden foot stool just like the bunny (still have it), and I would use it to get up to the sink and brush my teeth just like the bunny in the book.  I lost my little cardboard treasure somewhere along the way but I've always wanted to create a book of my own.  Some kind of published piece.  The alphabet flashcards, book, not sure what it will be at this point, but it's coming along.  I have most of my sketches completed and working in Illustrator CS3 is smooth.  I love the new features and it seems there is an ease to the workflow not found in the previous versions.  When the 19 days left in my trial are over, I'm going to have to snag me a copy.  The letters I'm having issues with are I, K, N, X, Y, and Z.  Here's what I have, if you can add something that would be great.  Ice cream, kiss, kite, king, noodle, neck, nose, x-ray, xylophone, yodel, yak, yo-yo, zig-zag, zipper and zebra.  Each letter will have three words starting with that letter or more in each illustration.  ex. L = lemons licking lollipops, stay tuned for that one!

I was fiddling with the idea of publishing a project of my own and even though I'm in the beginning stages, I am very excited.  While I was going over the idea, Dan from Steam Crow Press wrote up publishing tips and tons of priceless information about the publishing process, from sketches to production.    Go check him out, him and his wife make a fabulous team!