San Diego Here I Come

This is late for me to write this, but I'm going on a mini trip to San Diego on Friday. I'm a Cali native but I didn't stay in San Diego. Do you know of any places I should check out? On Friday I'm going to be hanging out by myself all day so I want to check out the beach and San Diego Zoo or Sea World. I'm torn because I have wonderful memories of both. The zoo here in Denver is nothing compared to the one out there so I think the zoo might win. I can blend in more hanging solo than I could at Sea World, but that killer whale makes me blush.

Jo is out there for her friend's wedding so we're going to hook up on Saturday. Planning to go to Wild Animal Kingdom, have some fresh seafood, and party the night away. Then Sunday I'm by myself again, but I only have until three since my flight leaves at five.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. So excited!