Chugga, Chugga

I am the procrastination queen. I'll never get through this or understand this. I'm lazy. Erase that too, you're never going to get that right. Don't even think about showing that drawing or making it an illustration.

Man, if that was a friend of mine on the phone I would have hung up by now. I hate these thoughts that keep running through my head. I have big ideas and dreams. Sometimes they feel too big and I can't get my grasp on them.

For one of those dreams I need to really learn html and web design. And it's so funny (if your reading this Nate you can laugh right now) I am still struggling with getting it down. Every time I do, I just never want to change something on my site again because it is such a pain in the butt. I don't like my site being down for a second so the thought of that paralyzes me into thinking that I'll just leave it the way it is but I'm sick of feeling like that.

I can tackle this and another inspiration for thinking that was whoorl. (Check that out, I just typed in a whole url with a target by myself, without checking an old post and doing a copy paste combo.) Movabletype is a nightmare in itself and a whole other story. The first step was buying this book. It's amazing, so far so good.

So that's where I stand right now, trying to focus on taking photography and illustration further. Hey, I have the credentials, I can do it!


**** Thanks for sharing about your purses ladies. You've enlightened me. Angela, tweezers always. You never know when you need em :)