I give myself heart attacks every day because I seldom ever zip up my purse. No matter what I do, everything doesn't fit in a way that I can zip it. So if I can't find my moleskine. Heart attack. Or my mechanical pencil. Heart attack.

I've had deep purses but that was a pain because my items were in a black hole where I had to use my spidey sense of touch to find what I was looking for. So this time around I bought a purse that's much more shallow but with ample room. Still not able to zip it up all the time unless I remove the lotion (yea right, it is dry out here) or the moleskine (necessity or i'll have tons of pieces of scratch paper).

Here are the contents:

lip gloss wallet (the version with the checkbook inside so it's big) cell phone keys gum eraser lotion blotting paper mirror business card holder two micron pens two bic mechanical pencils lead one pen dental floss hand lotion visine cough drops alvin draft/matic pencil moleskine tweezers nail clippers

Is this too much or what? Just curious if I'm in the right ratio of items to my purse. Do share so I can compare. Have you seen some of the purses this season? They are huge! I'm not carrying around a suitcase sized purse plus laptop bag plus camera bag. Nu uh buddy.

Everything would be perfect if I could find a smaller lotion perhaps?