Best Parts

The best part of the day was getting to have a samoa and sushi. I never ran into a girl scout this year and I love samoas. A friend had some and was passing them out. I had one and it was so good. I didn't need a whole box anyway, that was just as good for me.

Since I've been subscribing to Self and Shape, it's about time I follow some of the advice. This week I started eating within one hour of waking up and every three hours after that with the last meal leaving at least three hours before going to bed. I can feel a difference and my body is sore from the pilates. The good kind of sore though. This morning I was running into work and my muscles in my legs felt like rubber bands, bounce, bounce. Definitely can feel it.

For dinner, I was starving and sushi was a healthy way to go. My favorite sushi spot is Sushi Tazu in Cherry Creek.

Got some shots too. So nice to shoot something other than snow.

Another good part of the day was remembering that Stella Im Hultberg will have two art pieces at a new gallery in town on Saturday.

Her works are so beautiful, can't imagine what they look like in person.