Puppet Show

puppet show
New love. Got love. Fax me. And. Love me. Go fish. UR Kind. Let’s Kiss. My Girl. Cool.

Those are the candy hearts I got today. They've changed a bit, "fax me"?

I found my way to a Cardio Combo workout at the recreation center. I almost died and the workout instructor with a screeching microphone yelling for me to count after her turns me off. I almost died and I think I was the most out of shape of everyone there. So I was so excited to hear that my family got a pilates machine so I've completed two work outs so far.

My new year's resolutions kicked in a little late because here it is, February, and change is on my mind all the time. Change to priorities, change to health, just change.

**** Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day! Tell someone you love just how much.