It's a busy time of year over here. Never staying in one place for a long time. This weekend was productive though. Hung out with friends, drank wine, ate delicious Greek pizza, organized my place, and put little Christmas touches all over.

It's funny how even when you just have things stuffed and crammed into a closet that no one can see, it still stresses you out. After the last stuffing didn't work and everything toppled all over the place I had to exercise letting go again.

After the initial anxiety of "oh shoot, did I throw something away by accident", it's smooth sailing. Things let go were some old stuffed animals, high school dresses, magazines, etc. The extra breathing room is great.

How are you doing so far? All done with Christmas shopping? Spending tons of time with family?

Inquiring minds want to know.

**** Flickr has been updated with photos from the shoot last Sunday.