Inner Runner

I've been trying to get motivated to exercise and lose some weight for a long time now. I bought a bike which is cool but it's so awesome, maybe it's just me but I don't feel like I've exerted enough energy to burn 500-700 calories in an hour. Love my bike though when I can pack it up and drive it out to a trail. I checked out gyms but the hard sell of them turns me off. Plus, I don't like the automatic deductions + contract, that too turns me off. If I had enough money to buy a treadmill and have space to pack it away, I would do it.

But since I won an iPod Nano at work last month, I kept checking out the Nike + shoes. Maybe that would get me motivated? And be easy enough to just pick up and go with all of the information capabilities of a treadmill? So the other day I ran into the mall and picked up some 180 sneakers and the kit. I was on my way.

Yesterday I couldn't wait to try them out and just get moving. I alternated running and walking for about 20 minutes when my left foot started to hurt. I noticed a hole in my sock and thought that was the problem. Nope, I get home and find a blister on the back of my heel. What?! I used to run track in high school and on top of that, sneakers used to be what I wore everyday. I have never had a blister before. What the heck? Maybe it's the shoe, but it felt so good on my right foot, no sliding, enough room in the toe box, and so much cushion!

I think I'm just going to slap some blister treatment on my heel and try again. The shoes are already broken in so there's no returning them. Greeaat.