I think I know what the contents glowing in the briefcase of Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield were.

It was Garrett's popcorn! It has to have been, look at how it glows. Of course, if you ordered some it would be filled to the brim just like mine was but I couldn't wait. The blame firmly falls on Oprah and her Favorite Things shows. I think this popcorn was featured at least three years in a row. A few months ago I finally got to taste another recommended treat, the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. So good!

Since that turned out okay, this Sunday I ordered the popcorn and kept tracking the order over and over.

It's here. I've tasted it. It is the greatest. I ordered the Milennium Park Chicago tin, the artwork is an extra treat.

**** I just got around to watching the tribute to Ed Bradley by 60 Minutes. It was extremely well done. Rest in peace.