The Big 5-0-0

I didn't even notice that today's (yesterday's) post was the 500th post. My first blog milestone, haha. With another grilled cheese (can you say addicted?) and homemade soup tucked in my tummy, I can now sit and think of something to say here. Sometimes I'll think during the day, "I could write a post about this", but it fades away as soon as I start typing. When I started up my website in 1997 with a url that had "comcast" included in it and a million animated gifs on top of a moving background, I was just goofing around. That person was much more patient than I am. I would sign on to my AOL account over and over after getting kicked out for being "idle" for 10 minutes. Now, if a site takes more than 15 seconds to load, I close the window. I miss chat rooms. I used to always be in them and get upset when someone would come in with a 40 line bot that messed up the conversation completely. Over time I noticed that I couldn't upload what I wanted to my site and I needed more control so I bought some space and learned some programs.

Things have changed, mainly for the better when it comes to journaling, design, and content on the web. Journals about 15-year-olds ranting and raving about how unfair and horrible their lives were was what held my attention back then. Now the topics range from artists, major life transitions like new moms and newlyweds, tutorial forums, knitting, the list goes on and on.

I had no idea that my tinkering around in '97 would bring me to this place and all of you. I've learned so much by hopping from url to url and being connected to interesting and talented people all over the world.

So yay, happy 500! And many moooooooooorre...

**** Edde - Thank you! I need to talk to my friend who's from Brasil, and find out what "OUSADIA" means. But I can tell from the context that it's a good thing, so thank you very much :)

Frizz - Thanks. I shoot with a Canon Digital Rebel. Two lenses, a 50mm f1.4 (love it) and the kit lens 18-55mm f3.5. Sadly no flash, that's one of my wants. That and the 24-70mm f2.8 L.

Hubs - And why yes, he is farting question marks. Not really, but that cracked me up.