Wanted: Wok

I want a wok, badly. My Shape magazine came in the mail (I love Shape and SELF) and there is a recipe for tomato basil garlic shrimp. I went and got all the ingredients and bought a wok from King Soopers. After everything was ready, it was time to put in the oil and garlic. I knew something was wrong because there were these fumes coming from the wok, I put the oil and garlic (1 TBSP mind you!!) in it and the garlic immediately burned. I should have known better than to buy cookware from King Soopers because a pan I bought from there stuck to the burner and caught on fire. So, lesson learned. I finished the dish in a different pan and with the tomato and chicken broth, it turned into more of a simmer than a quick cooking stir fry. So now I'm on another mission and the goal is to find a wok. So funny because the next day I was watching Food Tv and this guest chef was on making all kinds of dishes in her wok. The steamed salmon and asparagus looked deeelicious. After dinner I baked dessert and man is it rich and evil. I baked a cake doughnut bread pudding that will kill you if you're not careful. But man is it good. I'm on a restaurant strike for a little bit. I think my birthday week did it, three restaurants in a week was a bit much. So now I have the drive to cook again!

Next recipe will be parmesan chicken or linguine with shrimp scampi. mmm.

In other news, I haven't picked up my camera except to take some pics of my new linen and my swollen eyelid. This is what I think happened. I had no space on my laptop, tons of pics and iTunes but I moved my iPhoto library to my external drive. My external drive is heavy and it stays at home and I am used to instant gratification which usually consists of shooting, downloading pics to laptop via card reader, and editing them in iPhoto and Photoshop, then displaying them here. Since I no longer have a library on my laptop, I don't get the instant gratification and I've stopped taking pics. Kind of like what happened with my manual camera because the delay in developing was so long that I was suprised at what was on the film. Sad I know.

So, I'm scanning flickr and trying to see how others organize their photos so I can get a system going. It's nerve racking but I'll figure it out. If you have any tips, more are welcome so let me know.

Organizing is just oh so much fun. Oy vey.

p.s. Mallory from the Real World (don't remember the season) has a spread in SELF. I think she's an example of a gorgeous and healthy model.