You know, nothing matches on your face? That's the beauty of faces, we aren't 100 percent symmetrical or we would look freakish. So it was either a face or a match catching on fire. Oh yea, there were sumo wrestling ladybugs too. I think that last one came as a result of too much medication.

These past few days have been crazy with meds and swollen eyelids. The swelling has gone down and I'll be done with the antibiotics within the week.

p.s. I think I got some inspiration from Lu's afro puffs, so jealous of that curly hair!

fyi - here's an interesting post on symmetry and how we perceive beauty. For me, I think that people are more beautiful when they aren't free of imperfections and to me that's an asymmetrical face. Beauty is in the eye...we all know the rest.