I Hate Bugs

Especially the ones that bite. The night before last I had a mosquito dive bomb for my head not once but twice. It was put to death and I went to sleep. Well I upset some other bug or that mosquito did his worst before dying. I woke up to two bites, one on the corner of my right eyebrow and the other on the side of my head. They don't itch or anything, just swollen and barely noticeable.

Until today. I wake up and my right eye can barely open under the weight of my swollen eyelid. I keep calling the doctor (it is 6 in the morning) so I can hear a message saying when they open so I can get an appt asap but it's just ringing fast busy.

It's Friday! It can't suck this badly already, no no no.

I'll send out some good vibes by sharing links, that should do the trick!

Orsinal - beautiful design and addicting games Hope Larson - just published in the New York Times, her work is phenomenal