Thank You

Thanks so much from the parts of my heart for the birthday wishes. They were great and they worked! I had the best birthday week ever. There was going to sushi on Tuesday, to eating New Orleans cuisine with the parents, to Cheesecake Factory with the sweetness. It was a full week filled with smiles and good times. Twenty nine ain't so bad at all.

I got my computer back yesterday and everything seems to be fine. The art walk on the first Friday of August was very cool. I entered my work into a local artist's show. The show was juried and mine wasn't selected so it's hanging in my bedroom for now. The experience was priceless and the art was mesmerizing. Everyone was out at the walk and there was an independent film company called The films were projected onto a building and the weather was perfect for it. In one, it was a scary short film and whoever the foley was did a MUCH too good job on the sound of breaking teeth. *shiver*

Also, there is a Starbucks at Aspen Grove that has been featuring local artists for a month at a time. So an artist gets to have their work solely on display for a whole month. I was going to participate in February but there was too much going on. Now I will be the November local artist! I think I'm going to display the playground series. Extremely excited about that.

Started knitting while I was computerless and I'm stuck. I'm working on Kate from Knitty and there is a row that doesn't make sense to me. It says [k2tog, 10]. I have worked it and reworked it two times now, no fun since I'm working in the round. Thank goodness it's a contrasting color so it's not too hard to know how much to frog. Fluffa, help! ;) Jess doesn't have an email address I can find on her site.

I'm just happy to have my 'puter back, I feel like I've been sitting on the sidelines with all the great photography and illustrations just floating by me on the net.