My stomach was grumbling after work yesterday and nothing I could think of sounded delicious. There's got to be more to choose from than just chicken, beef, and turkey.* (Ham isn't my fave, bologna is a no go, and lamb is touch and go). I know I'm missing tons of other food choices but at the time I was so sick of just having the first three to choose from and nothing else sounded good. Or I knew I would get a stomach ache from it. I made my way to Sam Taylors and had a catfish sammich. Something out of the ordinary and sometimes that just hits the spot! I browsed another thrift store, found nothing, so I came home and started working on the computer. I feel light. It feels like a release when I create. Whether it's an illustration, a school project, a gift, etc, it doesn't matter. I can't pinpoint the start or stop but it's like I go into my own world and I absolutely love it there. My mind starts overflowing with ideas, color schemes, pictures that I can sketch and mimic with other tools. I spent the whole afternoon creating, brainstorming, producing... It's one of the best feelings in the world to me.

*I know there are people in the world who are less fortunate, would be happy with whatever they had to eat, etc. But it is true that sometimes you just want something and nothing sounds good. Not ungrateful, just insatiable at times.

P.S. Have you ever gone to a site or somewhere else and saw that there was something that was updated weekly that was just too cool? But you forget about it. Then you come back and there are a TON updates to read and see?

This is what happened right here. Head on over to the comics section. I heart Nathan.

P.S. again I haven't voted once on AI but Fantasia is my pick ;) I'll be watching right along with you, lol.