Living For the Weekend

First let me say thanks for the congratulations about my straight As. I'm still cheesin' and I'm glad I took my time and produced some of my best work in those classes. Now I have art I can display and treasure forever! This weekend was a whirlwind. Friday I got off work early and went to my friend Johanna's house so we could check out garage sales. Jo had just gotten back from a doctor's appointment and found out she's having a boy! I knew it, now Savannah will get to be a big sister. So we checked out tons of sales and I found an external zip drive + 10 zip disks for $15 (am I a sucker?), a picture frame, and some shorts that are too short. I only spent $20 when I took out $100 so I didn't do so bad. After that I hung out for awhile and came home.

Saturday morning our pastor had a breakfast and a talk with all of the men from our church so my mom and our friend Linda decided we would have our own breakfast just for the ladies. So we went and got full together off of french toast, omlettes, and other stuff. Everything was delicious. When the guys came home we went to the new Memorial Wall that was put up south on our way to see Linda and Justin's new home. I had never seen anything like it. Seeing all of the names on the wall, pictures, and keepsakes was overwhelming and sad.* I thank God for the men and women who fought and continue to fight for us. They will not be forgotten.

Sunday I went to church and started researching Home Depot and Lowes. I've never been good at measuring so the idea of putting a table together by myself cracks me up. I've gone through so many different stages already and I haven't tiled, nailed, or painted anything yet. At first I was thinking I would go to garage sales to find a beautiful table that would magically fit the dimensions I'm looking for for my letterform tile table. After going to about...15 garage sales, I quickly saw this plan wasn't going to work. I've also been to thrift stores and there was nothing there either. SO, I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to make this puppy myself. It is becoming clearer everyday that Colorado is not a crafty persons dream. I can't find any stores that have scraps or parts so you can make your own creations. I want a place where there are tons of table legs to choose from, rod iron and wooden, different woods for table tops, etc. I went to Home Depot and found 3/4" plywood, table legs (too much ornamentation), and a book on how to tile. I would also be able to get the tiles, molding, grout, tramel, and stuff-to-adhere-tiles-to-plywood from there as well. I headed to Lowes afterward to see if they had a better selection of table legs. The answer is not at ALL. They had even less than Home Depot. So I came home and did a search on table legs and found some straight lined modern legs. Problem is, the cheapest ones are $18 per leg. That is crazy to me. I haven't purchased anything yet but I guess the big determining factor of whether this table will be made or not is the outcome of the tiles. I'm going to buy this paper from Lazertran ($15 a pop) and test it out on some tiles. Wish me luck!

Lastly, you know how happy I get when I see I've been linked and here are some interesting and sassy women (er, a man too!) who have done just that!

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*pictures will be posted soon