Fashion and a Flick

After wanting to check out "The Triplets of Belleville" ever since it won an Oscar, I watched it this weekend. The only thing is I popped it in at around 10 p.m. when I was dead tired after going to the community pool at the rec center. It may sound bourgeoise but I try to stay away from those pools. Two reasons: #1 - people pee and #2 - I grew up having a pool in our own backyard in California and I'm used to that. But no matter how much I tried to push reason #1 out my head, it kept coming back. I did four laps (two if you count going back and forth as one lap) in the big pool so I was happy. It helped a lot with soreness too. It's too bad I'm just going to get sore all over again tomorrow when I do an hour of cycling and then an hour of yoga.

So my eyelids felt like bricks after swimming and running around all day. The last 15 minutes of the movie were torture. It was really good though, filled with wonderment and imagination. I wanted to rent Miyazaki's Howling Castle too but Blockbuster has one copy and it was rented out.

My friend invited me to go check out Fashion Denver again so I did. I arrived just in time for the fashion show. The price of admission goes to the Denver Rescue Mission, the fashion is out of this world, and I got to say hello to my friends. Brandi of B.Shigley Designs was holding it down as usual. She is quite the business woman and I learned a lot from her at her seminar two years ago. Before going out to eat some delicious bbq I hung out at the 16th Street Mall. There is this cool vintage store that wasn't there before. I almost bought some cameras and a very old but filled with character pair of binoculars.


There was an old porcelain shaving cream container that reminded me of my Poppy. Poppy was my grandpa on my dad's side and I think he passed away when I was three. Seeing the container reminded me of the sound of his brush swishing in the lather and then patting on his face for a shave. That is one of my favorite sounds. What are your favorite sounds?

**** Say it with me, more pics on flickr.