Glorp Angry

This is Glorp, my imaginary monster that can open a can of whoopazz on anyone that gets in my way. He is upset and rightfully so! I still don't have my camera back and it looks like it has been "repaired" again.

I called today and Best Buy said it was shipped back yesterday. Hopefully with the lens cap! So if everything works out, I will have it back by tomorrow. Only took a month and no brand new camera. My friend is in town from Virginia with her kids so having the camera would be excellent.

Glorp angry and Erika angry too. Grr!

Thunder is clapping and I'm listening to Lauryn Hill. I miss her, she used to be the only cd allowed in my discman. I should see Dave Chappelle's movie since she performs in it. This weekend I gave up on finishing Memoirs of a Geisha and watched the movie on cable. Glad I did but I want to find a new book now. Next in line is Why Girls are Weird just as soon as someone returns it to the library.

**** For Sorry - Yup, someone just broke her heart and left it there for her to find. Hearts are fragile but resilient. It will be patched up and whole for someone who deserves it.