It is blazing hot here. I think summer is here no matter what people say. I am still cameraless and it's driving me nuts. The deal with the camera is that I sent it away and got it back in a little over two weeks. Best Buy/Canon said it was repaired and the shutter was replaced along with the dcb. When I got it back it didn't have a lens cap (unbelievable!!) and when I started shooting, I noticed the auto rotation no longer worked. So the very next day I sent it off again. Now it's been over a week, no camera, and I think they are trying to repair it again. I keep hoping and praying for a replacement so I could get a 20d or 30d. Almost a month without pictures from my camera for graduation and my party. I can't wait to get it back.

In other news I'm just hanging out. I need to get out of this state again and go on a vacation so I'm trying to save more. Spending less is always so difficult, new and shiny things are just way too tempting.

I'm glad I didn't post what the previous illo was about because I found a new perspective I hadn't thought of before. So thank you for that. My original thought was to hang up the caricature of wings for angels and horns for devils because I believe they are real and so much more than those symbols that we see over and over.

I'm eager to hear what this illo for "Sorry" says to you.

**** I was surfing and found this. Absolutely gorgeous.