Lovey Dubby Lettering.

Every room in the house is now officially organized so that has freed me up to do more of what I love.  Art.  Yahoo!  I have been working on a hand lettering Skillshare class by Mary Kate McDevitt for awhile now.  This project consists of lettering  a short phrase so I chose, "Do what you love.  Love what you do." Short and sweet.  Here is some of my progress so far from brainstorming to layout.


I played around with different styles for the word Love.

Then some different compositions of the words themselves.

I liked this look the best and tightened up the sketch using my light box.

Then I tried to ink it but my bristol paper wasn't working.  The ink was bleeding everywhere so I upgraded to some Strathmore Drawing paper and I did a little test, success!  I think I'll have time to ink this again this weekend.

I love where this is going and my admiration only grows for artists who have this skill.  It is not easy, but practice makes better right?