Getting my letter on.

I think the letter S is the hardest letter to...letter.  Fleshing it out keeps making one side thicker than the other but I'm working it out.  I started out with sans serif, then serif and now some cursive writing is getting into the mix.  It has been so long since I wrote in cursive and I had to look it up on YouTube for a refresher.  This video was a good one.  I can't believe schools aren't going to teach the art of cursive writing anymore.  My mom has the best handwriting in the world and I keep every card and envelope combo because it's her handwriting.

I always wished I had taken a shorthand class. In 6th grade I was able to slip into an already full typing class and that was one of the best classes I ever took.  I literally type every day and I'm thankful all the time that I learned to type.  Before that, I took a word processing class and after that I wanted to take a shorthand class but it got cancelled.  I wonder if I'll ever learn how.