I thought I'd pop in for a minute so here I am. I've been buried under a freelance job, the internship, and life but I've climbed out to spend some time here. I don't know what it is about updating but I have so much to say and when I get to this point of entering info into my blog, dead silence.

On Friday I went to the gym for a salsa cardio class. It was difficult but so much fun. I've never taken a dancing class where you face the mirror and dance to "5 6 7 8!" on command. I still remember my routine. When the class was over, I went up to the instructor to find out when this salsa stuff would happen again. Now I'm planning to go work it out on Tuesday and Friday since those are the days for salsa. Then there is kickboxing on Thursday! I've never done that before but it's going to be to latin music as well. So excited.

I found a goodie in my mailbox on Thursday and it was the cd a client put together using my Year of the Rooster illustration. The band is called Pollo Del Mar and they sent me a cd. I haven't popped it in yet but it looks very nice. That was a treat, thank you Ferenc!

I have always had a problem with color theory so I ended up buying "Color Index", "Layout Index", and "Design Basics Index" by James Krause. I've been flipping back and forth and should be designing stronger pieces with the help of Mr. Krause. It's so easy to say, "I just like it", when you look at design but it's very important to understand the reasons why and apply them to your art. Hard lesson for me but I'm trying.


The snow is steadily falling. I was going to go outside too but now I'll just stay bundled in here at home. I should stop slacking and get back to work now. On the weekend no less.

Ciao bellas ;)