No. 24

paint 31 no. 24

This is painting number 24.  I am enjoying making marks with my brushes.  I have synthetic, mix of synthetic/real hair and squirrel hair brushes.  The ones I keep gravitating toward are my Winsor Newton Sceptre Gold IIs.  They hold just enough water and paint.  I have two Isabey (squirrel hair and expensive) and I just can't get the hang of working with them.  They come to a point but don't make marks as easily.  Still learning and getting more familiar with watercolor.  That's the goal so it's all good.  I have some Charles Reid watercolor DVDs and a few other watercolor books on order from the library.

Oh, my baby girl just got over a bad case of diaper rash so I wanted to share what finally worked.  We tried time without a diaper with her walking around in the house, we tried direct sunshine on her little tooshie in the backyard, we used a quadruple layer of ointment/powder (Neosporin, cortizone, Desitin and Caldesene powder) and we even made these homemade wipes (Thank you Lindsay!).  Nothing worked until we took everything out of the equation except for Aquaphor (the tub kind) and homemade wipes.  I am not sure what caused the rash to get out of control but now it is gone, good riddance.

Now it is time for bed, goodnight.  Sleep tight.