No. 31

paint 31 no. 31

I did it!  Day 31 of the Paint 31 challenge.  This was fun!!  Thank you for watching, commenting, faving and sharing, I appreciate it all.

Goodnight, sleep tight.

Oh and I almost forgot that the library is having a call for artists for 2014.  Deadline is tomorrow so I am going to submit some images.  Many of them are from this challenge, wish me luck :)

No. 30

paint 31 no. 30

Here lies painting no. 30.  This is actually an exercise from another book from the library.  The rest of my request was ready so I picked up another Charles Reid DVD on portraits and this exercise was from Water, Paper, Paint by Heather Smith Jones.  My biggest painting to date, 9"x12".  Might work on it some more but am liking where it is.  Time to walk away from it for a bit.

All of you makers of little marks, I applaud you.  Make it look easy.

No. 28

paint 31 no. 28

Painting number 28, little tiny buds.  Raul's brother came over today and we all went to our local greenhouse.  We ended up buying two ornamental grasses (they turn red in the fall) and one butterfly bush.  I think we are going to take the butterfly bush back since it gets to be 5' to 7' tall and will be covered in bees and hopefully butterflies too.  The bush is the most beautiful shade of violet though.  Hmm.  Landscaping is hard work.  ;)


No. 27

paint 31 no. 27

Playing with form, value and brush/paper wetness.  I am loving the Tom Hoffman book I talked about the other day.  Had time to watch the Charles Reid watercolor DVD with Addy.  It is unreal watching him paint.  Amazing.

No. 26

paint 31 no. 26

I am ecstatic it is Friday and the weekend is here.  Tomorrow might be the first time I am away from the baby over the weekend.  Not sure if I can deal or not.  Raul is fixing his mom's computer and baby can run errands with him for four hours or stay with me.

On one hand it would probably be for only four hours I won't be with her and I could work on reading my watercolor books/painting.  On the other hand, it's the weekend and I don't want to be away from her at all.  Bound to happen sooner or later but not sure if I'm ready.  Ugh.


No. 25

paint 31 no. 25

I'm getting closer and closer to midnight with these posts.  I stopped by the library to pick up my watercolor books!  I got a Charles Reid DVD about painting flowers, Paint with the Watercolor Masters by Jonathan Stephenson and Watercolor Painting by Tom Hoffman.  I can already tell the Hoffman book will be added to my library.  Best book I've read yet and I only had time to flip through so far.  Talks about the process of art way before putting brush to paper.  My kind of process talk.


No. 24

paint 31 no. 24

This is painting number 24.  I am enjoying making marks with my brushes.  I have synthetic, mix of synthetic/real hair and squirrel hair brushes.  The ones I keep gravitating toward are my Winsor Newton Sceptre Gold IIs.  They hold just enough water and paint.  I have two Isabey (squirrel hair and expensive) and I just can't get the hang of working with them.  They come to a point but don't make marks as easily.  Still learning and getting more familiar with watercolor.  That's the goal so it's all good.  I have some Charles Reid watercolor DVDs and a few other watercolor books on order from the library.

Oh, my baby girl just got over a bad case of diaper rash so I wanted to share what finally worked.  We tried time without a diaper with her walking around in the house, we tried direct sunshine on her little tooshie in the backyard, we used a quadruple layer of ointment/powder (Neosporin, cortizone, Desitin and Caldesene powder) and we even made these homemade wipes (Thank you Lindsay!).  Nothing worked until we took everything out of the equation except for Aquaphor (the tub kind) and homemade wipes.  I am not sure what caused the rash to get out of control but now it is gone, good riddance.

Now it is time for bed, goodnight.  Sleep tight.

No. 22

paint 31 no.  22

Howdy!  I'm back after a super long road trip.  I used to be able to sleep for hours in the car but I think a switch got turned off when I had Addy because I can barely sleep in the car now.  Probably 10 minutes total both ways.  I even drove some, that is unheard of people.  Overall it was a great little getaway to Sante Fe, spent a hot second in Taos.

Everything is beautiful there.  From the architecture and food (sopapillas!) to the non-stop art galleries.  Amazing.

I brought my travel palette but I didn't have my real brushes or my real tube paint.  Just wasn't the same so I didn't paint much at all.  Maybe they have some "make your own travel palette" tutorials on YouTube.  Here's to hoping.

Oh and please paint with me.  The Flickr group is called Paint31 or you can take a photo/scan and tag with #paint31 on Twitter or Instagram (or both!).  The month is almost over so now you barely have any commitment at all ;)

Goodnight :)