No. 22

paint 31 no.  22

Howdy!  I'm back after a super long road trip.  I used to be able to sleep for hours in the car but I think a switch got turned off when I had Addy because I can barely sleep in the car now.  Probably 10 minutes total both ways.  I even drove some, that is unheard of people.  Overall it was a great little getaway to Sante Fe, spent a hot second in Taos.

Everything is beautiful there.  From the architecture and food (sopapillas!) to the non-stop art galleries.  Amazing.

I brought my travel palette but I didn't have my real brushes or my real tube paint.  Just wasn't the same so I didn't paint much at all.  Maybe they have some "make your own travel palette" tutorials on YouTube.  Here's to hoping.

Oh and please paint with me.  The Flickr group is called Paint31 or you can take a photo/scan and tag with #paint31 on Twitter or Instagram (or both!).  The month is almost over so now you barely have any commitment at all ;)

Goodnight :)