No. 5

paint 31 no. 5

Happy Friday friends!

A full work week is done and here is painting no. 5.  We spent the Fourth of July at my parent's house and I painted in their beautiful backyard.  I'm learning that I love the outcome more when I don't sketch on the paper.  If you look at the two sets of purple grapes/berries, the one on the right is the one I sketched and applied glazes of paint.  The look and feel of the first set of berries is much better and this was just going for it on the paper, one go.  The only thing I sketched on this page was the second set of berries and it sticks out like a sore thumb to me.  What are your thoughts?

I need to find a WP plugin or something that will allow me to post larger horizontal images.  I want to post a bigger version of this one but if I do, the image will creep into my sidebar.  I was thinking Light Box would work but the default image size starts at 550 px wide and my main content area is 500 px wide.  Still will have spillage into the sidebar and I don't want that.  Hmm.

If you haven't started painting along with me this month, you really should.  It's never too late, join the painting party at anytime.  :)  Use #paint31 on Twitter and/or Instagram.