Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving was great, thank you for the good wishes. My mom didn't cook this year so my family and I went to a delicious buffet. I must have made seven trips and had the same amount of Coke refills. So full afterward, it was delicious.

Today is the biggest shopping day but I slept in. I couldn't get up at the break of dawn and elbow people for the last flash drive. There is this exhibit going on at the Denver Art Museum called "Grossology". They talk about everything gross about the body from farting to running noses. It's mostly for kids but the art and actual exhibit is what I liked the most.


Afterward, the light was beautiful so I went down to the lake and took some photos. I got my camera back on Wednesday. I need to look into getting a Flickr account.

I missed my camera.

**** Look to the right, I'm a part of Flickr. Woo hoo!