I am bad at updating. Sorry to the three or four special ladies that read what I type.

Lots of stuff going on, lots on my mind. Life is hard enough and when you feel like you have to please God, yourself, family, can be a bit much. So much on my mind...

Today is day one of my break from school and work. It feels good, even though I am doing homework every other moment. The showing of the video piece went so well, it was unbelievable. Before class even started, the teacher let me know he viewed all of the pieces and said mine was excellent. After that, everything was a blur. But it was shown, a dialogue started between the class and it was eye opening. Now we have one more piece that can either make the class laugh or be abstract. I think I'm going to go for abstract so I'm on the lookout for textures, color, and shapes. Three more weeks left in the semester, thank God.

Two local libraries were asking for art submissions by Sunday so I sent off my photographs. I hope I get chosen for the exhibit.

I just sent off my camera on the 12th and got an email today saying it was shipped back to me yesterday. So quick.

I don't feel like typing anymore so I'll go.

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving with the ones you love.


venting session - how many women need to get in a fat suit before we understand discrimination still exists?? tyra banks, some chick on Entertainment Tonight, etc. then the model cries and we all learn a valuable lesson. again. move on people.