After work I didn't feel like going to class at all. And when I got there, I really didn't want to be there because the teacher was going over new features of CS2 and I have CS, so all I did was surf. Paid for parking so I could get attendance credit and surf. Fun. I wasn't feeling inspired (still not) and I didn't start working on the final. We have to put together a package for Basic Multimedia Design. I think mine is going to be a business card, newsletter, and something else. Not sure and I picked up an Aveda magazine because I love its design style. Left school, went to the mall to get a scarf, couldn't find one and left. Then I was driving home talking on the cell phone and completely forgot I was supposed to drop by my brother's to give him his parking pass. So on the way to go out last night I had to stop over there first, get some Mcds, and then go to the party. Had my first sip of Pinot Noir and it's okay. I loved the Chardonnay though, so fruity. Checked out the art since the party was held in a gallery and fell in love with a goldfish painting by Alice White. But the painting is $350, so it won't be mine anytime soon. Went home and crashed.

I AM SO GLAD TODAY IS MY FRIDAY. I don't know what to do. It's a long day because I have Digital Video Art and my piece is going to be shown. Ugh, not so happy with it as I was before. We'll see what feedback I get.

Have a lovely day.

**** I love both of these star lamps for my study, but 40 watts only each? hmm.