Shig Dig

Today is the one year anniversary of B.23 Productions, Brandi's business. So after work and school, I'm heading over there to party a little bit (on a week night?!) and celebrate her success. Should be fun, can't wait. It was 15 degrees last night so I didn't ride the light rail. I just parked on campus, edited, went to class, and left. I was so tired and cold. We only watched three pieces and they were great. There was advertising, consumerism, the war, marriage (titled Bliss, love the title), and I think that was it. So the others will be viewed tomorrow and then I'm off from work on Friday too. I'm eager to start my time off and have some breathing room.

**** p.s. - there are whisperings that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

I think she's very pretty.