Whipping Winds

Wow, no one could have told me how much I would miss my camera. The kicker is, I haven't even shot anything since September in Taos. Figures. I was on my way to class from work and the weather shifted hard. There's no doubt in my mind, fall/winter crappy weather is here. Wind started blowing hard in every direction and it started to rain. I whipped out my umbrella and it flipped up so many times! Finally it just bent and broke two of the metal pieces. Carrying four bags, a broken umbrella, and fighting with the weather to get to class was no fun.

Can I get summer back? Earlier than later?

On other news, that blemish stick I mentioned before is the greatest. It does draw out whatever is underneath your skin but only for a little while. I applied it over and over and the blemish is pretty much gone today. I want to keep researching natural remedies and then try something else if they don't work. Not vice versa like I've been doing.

Also, word on the street is local libraries are looking for art to display. So I need to contact them and find out what they are looking for so I can submit some photographs. Deadline is Nov. 20!