Out and About

This weekend I got out and had some fun even though the temperature is dropping. I'm always cold and don't like the snow so when it starts getting cold, you can find me cuddled by a fire and indoors. Friday, cutie pie and I went to check out the new Whole Foods. This place is so huge. There are gourmet desserts, tons of types of food to choose (Indian, Chinese, rotisserie bar, etc), places for you to buy groceries, beauty supplies, etc. Whole Foods is awesome. I bought a new loofah and a 100 percent natural blemish stick. I am picky about my food though and I didn't want to get anything that was exposed. Most of the food is set up as an open bar and everyone was walking over it, laughing, coughing, talking, what have you, all over the food. So, cutie pie and I shared the rotisserie beef that was far away from customers. That meat was so tender! They cook it for a minimum of 10 hours and it was delicious. Dessert was a fruit tart. Saturday was fun too because I went to Red Robin, and then went to play Ski Ball and pool. I won a stuffed Susie (thanks Lu) Rugrats doll. She's so cute and her braids are bendable and sticking up on the top of her head.

Sunday was the most serious day of the weekend. I had to study and take a test for Intercultural Communication (88.2 = an A baby). Then I tried to complete a project for Basic Multimedia Production on a pc, but that wasn't working so I gave up. Spent the rest of the night cleaning up and my place barely looks like I did clean. I brought all of my books and school stuff inside so I could record the sound of scissors for my video piece. That didn't happen because I was so tired. I didn't get to bed until 11.

The good news this week is that it is a short week because I have Friday off. Then next week is a break from school!! Then I work the 21 and 22 and I am off from work and school for the rest of the week. Must get a lot done during that break though: research paper, asian american current event paper, final project for layout and design, complete last two projects for Basic Multimedia Production, and tape for third video project. The second video project is due tomorrow and I'm sad to see the production coming to an end. Much more fun than I originally thought.

**** I don't think I'll ever be able to say goodbye to MTV completely because there is always something that interests me. In the midst of all the crappola. And now I'm interested in Run's House. It's cool to see someone from my generation grow up and change. Run has five kids? In a mansion? And he's a reverend? Wow how times have changed since Run-DMC.