I lost my jacket. I left my jacket in the bathroom before I went to finish my digital piece and the main reason why I was in such a rush is because someone had their way with the bathroom. If you know what I mean. So I left it and when I remembered, I had my laptop and other expensive stuff that I couldn't just leave so I had to finish working on my piece and THEN go check the bathroom.

I checked and it was gone. I hope someone turned it in to lost and found. I loved that jacket. Brown. Corduroy. Fit just right.

We just got finished with some of the critiques for digital video art. You had to communicate an emotion through video using emotive sounds. Plus you can't use color, footage is in black and white.

I was the second one shown and I had my hand wrapped around my pen so tight. My notebook had a little wet spot from the sweat. I freak out when my work is shown. Heart starts racing and I try not to show anything on my face.

I bet I looked pretty scary if someone were to look at me instead of the piece. Anyway, we watch each piece twice on a huge projector at the front of the class with sound and then the teacher mutes it and plays it on LOOP so it's constantly playing while the class talks about it. From what I heard, the piece was successful so I'm more at ease than I was before. Everyone's work is exceptional. Especially for it being our first project.

My notebook is still drying. I need to chill OUT!