Right now I'm in class learning stuff I already know about Photoshop. This entry is going to be more of a stream of consciousness because I'm all over the place right now.

Red tootsie roll pops are the best. I tried out Veet last night and I'm sold. No shaving for up to four weeks? We'll see. Celebrated last night, six months never felt so short and wonderful at the same time. Getting my hair done tomorrow so I can stop rockin' this bun style. Excited about that. In the middle of reading and getting ahead in assignments I fit in a pedicure. Prettiest baby pink. Always checking comments and trying to catch up with other journals. An instant grin is synonymous with seeing an increase in comments. Had my first bento box at Sushi Den on Saturday. The teriyaki steak and salmon were to die for. The tempura was a bit much. Back to class, back to the grindstone. So want to draw a witch for Penelope's contest without feeling guilty for not spending time on homework. Everyone's wondering what all the typing is for when we are supposed to be working with images.

Got to go.