Snowing Like Crazy

It is coming down out here. Been snowing all day and started last night. I'm not a big fan of the snow since I have to run around in it and almost fall over since no one wants to plow any of it away.

This weekend I had my first non-family related and formal photo shoot. It was pretty exciting and scary at the same time. The shoot was for my dental hygenist, Betsy, her husband Kevin, and their one-year-old daughter Abigal. Taking pictures of a one-year-old that are not blurry or of a crying episode is not easy. The location was my dentist's house and it was unbelievable. He has a japanese garden in the back that he built/designed himself. Every tree and rock was placed there by him. So there were many locations for great pictures, even a small japanese tea garden with a little pond and gates made out of curved branches. I have a newfound respect for my dentist. I ended up using a whole gig of space and they walked away with some beautiful pictures.

I need to get permission before I can post any of the photos here. I pretty much had some fun on Friday, the photo shoot on Saturday, ate dinner at Chili's, and studied, and Sunday it was all about studying. I worked on homework for every class. My plans for staying on campus and editing some video fell through since I couldn't carry all my stuff, slip slide in the snow, and hold an umbrella over my head at the same time. It was just too much so now I'm at home in my warm place. Tonight I must work on homework, clean, and try to clear out some shows from the DVR.