Blacksmith Christina

Okay, gather around kiddies. I have some news to share and I can't wait any longer.

A photograph that I took in Taos is being considered for print. My teacher for Social Doc., Kenn Bisio, has contacts in journalism. Well, he was talking to a friend of his that is starting an online publication called Average Joes can just go to the site and upload pictures and stories. Kenn told his friend about the story Crystal and I did on Christina Sporrong, the only female blacksmith in Taos, and he was immediately interested in seeing the photographs and publishing them.

So for now I have posted my photo with caption on YourHub and it will be considered for the print version. Final word will come on Tuesday. So yes, I am very excited and ECSTATIC! I have never been published and it's one of my dreams so dreams coming true makes me very HAPPY. Enough with the caps but now you know and can scream like a little girl with me.

The caption says: One Woman's Passion for Metal Work: Taos blacksmith Christina Sporrong tells a reporter Sept. 9 about her love for working with metal. Sporrong has a shop called Spitfire Forge and conducts welding and blacksmithing workshops for women across the country.

Here is the actual site.

Ahh, feels good to finally share the FABULOUS news. (I lied about the end of caps.)