French Baby - Taos, New Mexico

You know, it is so important to appreciate something to the fullest while you have it.

I'm just sitting in Digital Video Art waiting for class to start and there is a photocopied article about Christo in Central Park on the wall. I wish I had clipped some clippings for myself when there were a million articles on it. It was so beautiful and I kept thinking about how lucky the people who got to see it in person were. I doubt him and his wife will be making an appearance in Denver anytime soon.

Still running like crazy and getting assignments done ahead of time. First short paper for intercultural communication was an A so that gave me a big push. I just might be able to handle this.

Saturday is the fashion event, Harvest. I have big hopes for it and I want it to be perfect. They keep getting better and better each time so I don't think this one will disappoint. This could be my last event but it all depends on this show. I took pictures of items for sale and I need to post them here.

Also, I had an oil change last week and was told my car needed a lot of work. A little over a thousand dollars worth. So I shopped around, found someone that would do it for half and then when he actually did the work, he found that I didn't need most of the originally estimated work done at all! So it was much lower. Do your research ladies!! So happy and blessed.

Kendall - you're a sweetie pie for real.