Friday, Finally

So so happy that Friday is here. Tired and ready to get more than four hours of sleep tonight.

Yesterday I went to Sonodas and got some delicious chicken tempura rolls and california rolls. I've been craving a steak since I didn't get one awhile ago but the one I got yesterday was so dry. Craving is still there so I'm on a mission. Not that you're interested in what I eat but it's what's on my mind right now.

Digital Video Art has got to be the most frustrating class I've taken so far because I can't stand video art. So how can I create something good and worthwhile when I don't like the outcome? I usually run past video art exhibits in museums because they tend to irritate or shock me. Too "in your face". We've been watching various video art pieces to get us familiar with the medium and to help us know what is expected out of our projects. The video for yesterday was Eraserhead by David Lynch. Did not enjoy it and I fell asleep watching it.

This weekend is going to be full of focus but I want to go wild and shop too.

Time to go play racquetball now. I think I have a problem with sitting down like the BK commercial.