It is tough coming back to work and working a full week when you have been out of town, vacationing, and only working two to three days a week. It will be over tomorrow and the weekend will be here. I will treasure it since Monday is the first day of school. I can't even get into my schedule here because it's confusing but I am taking five classes. Three online and two on campus. Fun fun! Hey, remember this guy?

Well Anti-Valentine Guy is alive! He's a 3"x4" plushie to be sold at the fashion event.



And this is one of the hats I'll be selling on September 24 as well at the fashion event. It's the Kitty hat from Stitch N Bitch for people who don't have time to knit or don't know how and want the hat. I love the color. Anything I don't sell at the show will be sold here.