Greenery - Keystone, CO

It's raining outside and I am so blocked creatively, it's not even funny. I think it's time to just sit, flip through my Living Out Loud book by Keri Smith, or do both.

The upcoming fashion event for fall is on September 24 and I don't have as much stuff for the show I thought I would. Every free moment I get I'm trying to think of an idea that excites me. Inspiring things around me isn't the issue. Not sure what is. I just need this block to be broken.

**** Things on my mind -

Played racquetball for the first time on Wednesday. That was so much fun so now I have to do that every Friday! Working out is going to become a part of my regular routine. I just hate sweating out my hair.

Sunday is the finale of Six Feet Under and I am going to miss it.

I'm getting everything organized in my place and it's a long process that has to be completed in chunks. But one of the chunks is my magazines. So I'm following the advice I heard on Mission Organization and only keeping three months of the same magazine. So the others are getting dissected into shopping, inspiration, cooking, and exercise. The dissected pieces are then going into a three ring binder. It's looking good and I'm proud of myself.