Step Right Up

It's up! I just uploaded over 60 pictures of the DC trip in the photography section. Hope you enjoy your trip to DC. Holy moly. If you are on a pc, there are captions on the pictures when you roll over them. Not sure how you see them on a mac but hopefully you can figure that out.

I'm still up in Keystone and they have internet access here. But I must be clinically insane because I went on a two hour hike down a mountain yesterday. I am unbelievably sore now and still smell of Icy Hot. My new pedometer read 6137 steps, 287 calories, and 2.9 miles. The map said the trail was 6 miles so who knows. I feel like I walked a thousand.

Yay for exercise *smirk*.

The first night I was taken to the Keystone Lodge for a "suprise". The suprise didn't last long because when I was going to get some chocolate I heard a lady say "aren't the fireworks supposed to start soon?" So since I had missed Fourth of July fireworks two years in a row, I was being suprised with Keystone fireworks. It was so awesome! There were probably four or five finales, that's how crazy the fireworks were. The poor ducks were scared and were swimming for their lives to get away from them. There was plenty of eating up here (chocolate covered gummy bears are pretty good), margarita drinking, site seeing, and crazy hiking.

Today there will be more eating, window shopping, and horse petting, too sore for riding.

**** If there are lurkers around, say hi would ya?