Keystone or Bust

I am leaving you hanging! I'm leaving myself hanging too though. I didn't think I would be so busy! Running around trying to get my house organized and settled and right when I thought I would be home for a little bit, I was suprised with a trip to Keystone for my berfday. I'll update with pics from DC when I get back. So I'll be in Keystone from Saturday to Monday. There's going to be so much to do with horseback riding, hiking, more miniature golf, etc. Don't let me fool you by saying "hiking". I am not usually this active and I hope I can hold my own on a hike. I even went to Eddie Bauer and got two pedometer/stop watch/a million other things gadgets.

My birthday is on Tuesday and I turn the big two eight. Here's what I would wish for if I could get it (completely materialistic list up ahead):

a new couch and loveseat (I only have a loveseat and it's time for more furniture) a new dresser (had the same one since I was a teen) mom's peach cobbler (I can't wait until Christmas for this, I'm jonesin') a carpet clean selling more items from my store (hint hint) money towards photography equipment/school

**** I have to mention how adorable Kai is again. Thanks for your cute comments. I can't wait to hold him :)