Elk, chipmunks and fall leaves, oh my!

Raul and I picked up his mom, brother and Arturo (Raul's mom's boyfriend) so we could all go up to the mountains.  We go up and see the leaves change every year and this time we went to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park.  So beautiful!  We saw tons of elk on a high school campus and then some more up in the mountains.  People were crazy and were trying to feed the elk tumbleweeds, insanity.

When we went up to the very top there were lots of chipmunks that would eat out of your hands if you had nuts for them.  There were birds who wanted some food and attention as well.  We broke the law and fed them almonds and peanuts.  One time my hand was too high up so the little chipmunk climbed up onto the top of my hand and stuffed the almond in his cheek!  They are so domesticated, the damage is already done.  Ah well.

It was a fun trip but exhausting, we have been out driving around for about 12 hours now.  Time to get some sleep.  More pictures over here in my flickr set.



It's my turn to post a costume sketch for 31 days of costume sketches over at Scribbletastic, check it out tomorrow!