Lazy Tiger

lazy tiger

I wish I could be like this lazy tiger and lay about all day.  I've been absent here but for tons of good and not so good reasons.

  • Focusing on this Alphabet Book, hauling butt with much needed progress
  • Had my computer checked out since my Applecare ends in a little over a month *sniff*
  • Got a brand new display and upgraded my ram, made a big difference!
  • Working on the casa, this is no joke and the list never ends.  Friends and family warned us lots
  • Taking photos of the casa, post-processing in hopes of sharing sooner than later
  • Thinking about changes to this site, better display of my portfolio
  • Researching via Twitter.  Seriously, lots of experienced friends on there with knowledge to share
  • Getting prepped for the Colorado chapter of SCBWI conference happening next month
  • Trying to enjoy the littlest bit of summer we have left.  I waited so long and it is over already?  Hmph.
  • Almost forgot!  Raul and I saw Death Cab for Cutie in concert at Red Rocks last Wednesday and they were SO good

That's all I can write right now, need to get back to my projects and preparation.  I have about 10 letters finalized at this point.  Yay me!

Break over, back to work...