Birthdays, Progress and Ant

alpha progress antoine


Last Tuesday was my birthday and my nephew Ant came to visit me!  It was so nice having him here, miss him so much.  When I moved out to Colorado, it was with my parents.  Just us three, so seeing extended family is a treat.  Months ago Ant told me he was saving up his pennies to come see me, I couldn't believe it and I still can't.  We went to the zoo, the movies, Breckenridge, etc.  He is a shooter too so he busted out his black and white film which made me bust out mine as well.  Plus Raul got me a beautiful yellow Holga with red scale film.  I hope the pics come out nice, forgot about all the waiting associated with film but it is so much fun too.

On top of all that, I've been making progress on my project again which is WONDERFUL.  A friend of mine says, "An artist is someone who finishes things".  I believe that and I'm plugging right along so I finish and move on to the next great idea.