Office Space.

I don't know about you but I love seeing pictures of homes, rooms, decorating and especially offices.  I looked high and low for a desk that met all of my needs and this one is working out so well.

My wish-list:

room to draw, put my tablet on top and open books storage for my small printer, scanner and hard drives clean and modern design real wood (my old desk was not) storage for small items, a drawer or two would be ideal

I looked all over for months and I found it a couple days ago at American Furniture Warehouse!  I am trying to become a more organized and streamlined person so this falls right in line with that.  My old desk had a hutch and I thought I was going to have to go that route but luckily I found a desk that has storage underneath which leaves more room on top.  Love that.  My external hard drives are hiding behind my storage box on the left and they are a perfect fit.

It probably sounds silly but this is the first time I have actually had a space where I could measure and figure out what would be ideal in that space.  Then to find it and plop it there, function and all, it is so satisfying!  Now I have a little glimpse into what interior designers must feel all the time.

I have been getting more into thrift shopping and I wanted to find a piece that my big mama Epson printer could sit on.  Last Friday I found the perfect piece at the Art Walk.  It is a little modern danish mini dresser with four shallow drawers.  Wide enough for my printer and the shelves are wonderful because I have storage for my art as well as extra stuff that I would usually put in my desk drawers.

Caddy corner to my desk are two drafting tables. I got the little wooden table a couple of years or so ago from my college friend Sebom.  It was in storage before since I didn't have room in the condo for it.  Then about a month ago my friend Sandra came over with her family, saw my office and thought her drafting table would look great in here too.  So I picked up her mega-huge one and the rest is history.  I have the most thoughtful friends.

As you can see, this is a work in progress and I'm going to post more pictures as we design and fill our new digs.

Loving the process of adding things bit by bit, I think it adds more soul.