Bad blogger.

cucina spider mum

That would be me.

I'm just going to bullet point lots of accomplishments and see how that goes.  I'm really trying to have a fun summer with as little chores as possible so we are hauling butt and putting sweat equity into this new casa now.  I can't wait to share more pictures but I should be painting instead of editing photos. You know how that goes.

  • pulled out some crazy caulked in shelving that was in the TV area
  • refinished the hard wood floors
  • had the carpet cleaned
  • scrubbed every part of the new house, including the walls
  • see the above scrubbed, we scrubbed a lot
  • patched up holes, spackled, sanded, re-textured
  • fixed a dangling towel bar, almost chest bumped after that one
  • primed the kitchen, living room, vanity bathroom, formal dining, master bedroom, kitchen, loft and hallways upstairs and two bedrooms
  • primed and painted baseboards in 90 percent of the areas above
  • painted everything we primed in Lacey Pearl by Benjamin Moore, Dove White by Benjamin Moore, Simply White by Benjamin Moore and Rowan White by Ralph Lauren
  • changed out all the light bulbs, makes a huge difference
  • caulked the entire kitchen
  • washed down all cupboards/cabinets
  • washed down all doors with magic erasers
  • pulled all of the weeds out of the front and backyards
  • fertilized
  • put down weed and seed
  • we have baby grass growing in some areas, so cute
  • planted flowers - dahlias in pots in the back, basket of gold up front, paprika yarrow up front, peony bulbs out front, red dahlias and salmon zinnias up front
  • trimmed back dogwoods
  • trimmed back a rose bush, can't wait to see what colors they are!
  • bought a lawn mower and a blower
  • bought a hose
  • bought gardening tools - a rake and a shovel
  • unpacked lots but we still have boxes scattered around
  • changed out majority of the outlet covers, they were painted over or just not cute
  • Pledged the stairway railing, it glistens

We even have two flowers growing out front and my mom thinks they are peonies. I am crossing my fingers because I LOVE peonies.  Kept noticing ants sitting on every flower bulb and I was about to do something about it until my mom said the ants are there to draw out nectar and that tickles the flowers into opening sooner.  (hello run-on sentence)  So glad I didn't do something crazy, they have a little symbiotic relationship going on.  Also got "The Garden Primer" from the library so that has been an interesting read on organic gardening as well.

I have so much I want to do, I just bought a Poketo Tomorrow Planner so I hope that will help me get even more organized and get back to watercolors (just found my palette in a box last week!), illustration, children's books, the whole nine yards.  I know house work never ends but it will get manageable sooner than later.  We have been having a blast fixing this place up though.  Not one piece of art is on the walls either.  I just don't want to put anything up until the painting is completely done.

I'm weird like that.