Green Sequins

Today was a cool day. I woke up wanting to be extra girly so I threw on my new green skirt with sequins and ruffles at the bottom, tan heels, and a white short bell sleeved top. Felt like Carrie Bradshaw today.

I've been dying to read lately so I picked up Don Quixote. I thought I could do it after I flipped through and read some excerpts. Too difficult/boring. So I exchanged it for Anna Karenina. After the lady at Barnes and Noble told me you should read Russian novels from the middle to the end and then the beginning to the middle, I wasn't as interested. Bleh. Finally I exchanged that for My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Piccoult. I'm loving it. This is a keeper.

I watched Nate on Oprah the other day and I love his designs. I've been meaning to redecorate and buy a couch (I only have a loveseat). Now I've been bitten again so I looked around at couches. So many to choose from and the search continues.

My computer's fine, the light switch working the outlet wasn't on. Long week!!! It has been a long week :)

Have a great weekend and don't eat too much bbq!!