Tag, You're It

I was tagged by tracey and I didn't even know! The tagging happened on Monday and I was without a computer so I'll blame it on that.

Never been invited to this before but here goes:

I am a huge fan of music on my computer and that was another reason I was stressed without my comp. I had no music to listen to except on my iPod really.

Total volume of music on my computer is NOT 217.8 MB. I so lied, I was just looking at Purchased Music. In my Library it is 876 songs, 3.89 GB

The last cd I bought - Garden State Soundtrack

Song playing - last one was Laid by James

Five songs I listen to a lot: Closer - Jem The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice This Love - Maroon 5 Float On - Modest Mouse Frontin' - Pharrell and Jay-Z

Five people to whom I'm passing on the baton: jill andrea marilyn kendall lu

I have to leave in a few minutes so I can babysit three little people. My niece Zaria, and Ayanna's kids, Jordan and Tyrese. Two four-year-olds and a five-year-old. Should be nothing but wonderful moments. Fun fun.

Awhile ago Fred Flare had a call out for crafters to submit their creations and hopefully be picked to sell items on their site. When I heard about it I wasn't sure if I should participate but I did and I'm glad. I submitted my cable wristbands and wristbands with words. After I sent the picture, they wrote me back and let me know they were interested and wanted me to send samples. I sent five samples to New York and anxiously waited for a response. I did get a response but not the one I had hoped for. My wristbands weren't chosen at this time but it was an exciting process all the same. Fred Flare in New York looked at my creations. New York. I'm just blessed to have had them considered at all. The results are finally out for The Next Big Thing and here they are . Congratulations to all of them, they deserve it.