Four Day Weekend

I really miss updating with images. No pictures and no illustrations is starting to get to me. I have pictures of the rolls, the baby hat, pictures from the restaurant my Dad and I took Mom for Mother's Day, etc. School is over now and I'm just sitting and waiting for my grades to come back. I can't call it this semester. It's between an A and a high B for both classes. I won't truly relax until I get my grades back. I even gave both of my teachers self addressed and stamped envelopes so they could mail my tests back to me. I always do that because I'm a nerd like that. So now I just have to work tomorrow and then I have a four day weekend. I planned this before Einstein croaked so now I'm not sure what I'm going to do. When I take time off and don't travel, I usually draw, re-vamp the site, something. I called Apple and they said the back up was successful (THANK GOD!) and I should have it back within a few days. Well today is Thursday so a few days is next week and probably during my time off.

What to do what to do... As for the gas dispute, I went to the gas station and the manager said I would have to escalate it with my bank. I'm doing that but I can never get through to Bob the Bank Guy. Figures.

My friend is taking me to see Monster-In-Law tomorrow. I'm not a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez's acting and if it weren't for my friend inviting me, I wouldn't be going. But it should be cool to see Jennifer get slapped and it will be weird to see the Ben Affleck's ex and Jennifer Garner's ex in a romantic a couple. Just seems strange to see. Crash is another movie on my list and now that I have more free time I will be going crazy with the movies this summer.

Thanks for the good wishes on my finals. I think I did well. Editing is subjective at times. Ready to see my grades already.

I was planning to go to D.C. and I'm still thinking about that. Unexpected expenses like Applecare for the Powerbook, backing up Einstein, a trip to New Mexico for class in September, etc. are making me wonder if I can travel out of state this year. I need to make the most of this summer because I will not be a happy E this fall. Five classes is a lot to take on. But when I get through it I will be ecstatic. Being able to say "I have three more classes left until I graduate" will almost make me pee my pants. Just imagine what will happen when I can confidently say, "I am a part of the class of '06". Seems surreal.